Set the SecretsHub service user password

This topic describes how to set the SecretsHub service user password in Secrets Hub to match the password defined in Privilege Cloud.

The SecretsHub user is the user that retrieves your secrets from Privilege Cloud Safes in order to sync them to your secret store. When you first set up Secrets Hub you add this user as a member of all the Safes that require syncing. This user's password is managed (rotated) by Secrets Hub . If this user's password is manually changed in Privilege Cloud , then Secrets Hub will not be able to access the relevant Safes and the sync process will fail.

In such cases, you can set the new password in Secrets Hub manually.

To set the SecretsHub service user password
  1. In Secrets Hub, click Settings.

  2. On the Settings page, under Source of secrets, click Edit source details.

  3. On the Edit source details dialog, set the new password, and click Save.