Company user access

This topic describes how company users can join Remote Access and validate against their company directory so that they can then access the PVWA directly through Remote Access.

Users looking to access their PAM - Self-Hosted offline accounts credentials from the CyberArk Mobile app also need to complete the Remote Access user join process.

Join for Offline or Remote Access

To join Remote Access as a company user, you must be invited by an existing tenant with either a link via email or by scanning a QR code.

  1. Click on the invitation link to open the QR code, and scan it with the CyberArk Mobile app to join the tenant.

    Or complete the on-boarding directly from the CyberArk Mobile app.

  2. You are now prompted to take a photo of yourself. Either take a photo or skip this step.

  3. When you have successfully joined the tenant, the following message appears on the CyberArk Mobile app or Remote Access portal.

  4. Click Sign in. You may be prompted to authenticate against your company directory.

  5. Once you are authenticated in the CyberArk Mobile app, log into the Remote Access portal, and refresh the page to access the Applications page, where you can see the PVWA(s) you have access to.


    If you need to access your PAM - Self-Hosted offline accounts credentials, see Access PAM accounts offline credentials

Authenticate against your company directory

This is done according to your company directory

You can set your company credentials in the CyberArk Mobile app to access PAM - Self-Hosted accounts directly through Remote Access.

For Privilege Cloud tenants, you need an external provide (IdP) authentication set up.

  1. Open the CyberArk Mobile app.

  2. In the menu (top left), select TENANT,


    For administrators: In the menu, select the name of the tenant, then press Credentials.

  3. Specify your company directory user name and password, then click Apply.

Next time you log in to this tenant, you will be authenticated to PVWA without needing to specify any further credentials.

According to the tenant settings, you may be prompted to confirm your credentials at regular intervals. Make sure you authenticate immediately to prevent your user from being deleted.

Log in to PVWA

Log in directly

On the Applications page, click a tile to access the application directly.

Log in using a bookmark

You can save a bookmark to an application, which you can access with a single click.

  1. On the Application page, on the tile of the application you want to create a bookmark for, click the 3 vertical dots, and select Copy application URL.

  2. Add a bookmark and paste the URL into it.

  3. When you click the bookmark:

    • If you are currently logged in to Remote Access, you access the application directly with no additional authentication.

    • If not, you receive a QR code to scan.

Change your Data Center

You can switch to a different data center, depending on the Tenant you want to access.

  1. In the Remote Access portal, click the data center icon to display all the data centers.

  2. Select the data center that stores the tenant you want to access.

  1. Scan the QR code to access tenants in the data center you chose.