Activate tenant

This topic describes how to activate your Remote Access tenant.

Activate tenant

  1. When you receive the activation message, open the activation link on your computer and then click Agree and generate QR to open the Remote Access portal and display a QR code.

    By continuing, you agree to the CyberArk Remote AccessTerms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  2. Using the CyberArk Mobile app from your mobile device, scan the QR code displayed on your computer screen to activate your Remote Access tenant.

  3. Click Sign-in to display the QR code that authenticates you to Remote Access.

    Remote Access displays the Tenant alias screen, where you set your company alias to use in your Remote Access application URL.

    The alias for your tenant is a public reference point within the Remote Access application URL which identifies your company. All external Remote Access URLs for your company will be in the following format: [Application].[alias].app.alero.[data center suffix].


    Make sure you set the alias correctly as it can't be changed after you click Set Alias.

  4. Click Set Alias.

Now you are ready to add sites and manage them. For more details, see Create sites.