Configure your Privilege Cloud environment

This section describes the various configuration options that are available to you through the Privilege Cloud portal.


As an administrator, you can configure a variety of settings through the Privilege Cloud portal configuration interface.

The topics in this section present the functionality that can be configured according to your organization's preferences, with additional configurable options, such as report configuration and ticketing system configuraiton, described in their relevant workflows.

How do I access the configuration options?

  1. To access system configuration options, in the Privilege Cloud portal, go to Administration Configuration Options.

  2. Select the functionality you want to configure and set the required properties. Following are a few examples of configuration options available in your system:


    See configuration steps

    Privileged Session Management



    Customize the reports page

    Applications configuration

    Dual Control

    Dual control properties

    Ticketing Systems

    Ticketing system properties

    Connection Components

    Web applications for PSM