Run the PSM for SSH setup

Before you run the setup, perform the procedures described in Before you install PSM for SSH.

The installation runs automatically and does not require any input.

To run the PSM for SSH setup:

From the PSM for SSH server, run the setup in one of the following ways: 



Root user
rpm –i <infra rpm location >/CARKpsmp-infra-<version>.<arch>.rpm
rpm –i <CARKpsmp rpm location>/CARKpsmp-<version>.<arch>.rpm
Sudo user
sudo rpm –i <infra rpm location >/CARKpsmp-infra-<version>.<arch>.rpm
sudo rpm –i <CARKpsmp rpm location>/CARKpsmp-<version>.<arch>.rpm

The CARKpsmp-infra package is located in the IntegratedMode folder.

Installation location:

Operationg system








For more information during installation, use the following switches for the rpm command:

-v – Displays additional information while installing.
-h – Prints hash marks (#) as installation progresses.

To troubleshoot your deployment, see Troubleshooting.

To learn more about the PSM for SSH environment that was created during installation, see The PSM for SSH environment.

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