Manage session retention

The default recording retention period is defined at the system deployment stage. It applies to all Safes created within the system.

You can modify the session retention period of any specific Safe at any time during the system's lifetime.

Considerations for modifying a Safe's recording retention period




The modified retention period is applied per selected Safe.

Time frame

The new retention period is applied only to new sessions that are recorded in the selected Safe after the moment when the retention period is modified.


Extending the recording retention period may incur additional costs as it requires additional storage space.

Extension limitation

The retention period per Safe can be extended for a period of up to 3 years (1,095 days). For any period beyond this limit, open a request with CyberArk Support.

Legacy vs. new safes

For PSM version 14.1 and later, you can modify a Safe's retention period for both existing and newly created Safes.

For PSM version 13.2 or earlier, you can only modify the retention period of an existing Safe, and not that of newly created Safes.

Modify the session recording retention period

The session recording retention period is displayed in the Advanced details section, and is defined in the option for Save account versions for a period of days.

You can modify a safe's session recording retention period at any time. Maintain a list of safes that have been defined for session recording so that you can manage the retention period of these safes over time.

Only the option for Save account versions for a period of days applies to the session recording retention period.

The option for Save latest account versions does not apply to the session recording retention period.

  1. In Privilege Cloud Portal, select Policies > Safes.

  2. In the Safes list, locate the Safe that you have defined for recording retention.

    In the row of the Safe for which you want to change/extend the retention period, click the More actions icon > Edit and click Advanced details to expand the tab.

  3. In the row Save account versions for a period of: x days enter the number of days you want to define as the retention period and click Save.

    The updated retention period applies to newly recorded sessions in the selected Safe, from this time onwards.