Migrate from PMTerminal to TPC

This section contains information about migrating plugins and platforms from PMTerminal to TPC, and describes the differences between PMTerminal and TPC.

PMTerminal was an engine used to develop plugins for terminal cases over SSH or Telnet, or when running a script. TPC is a newer engine that provides enhanced capabilities and was developed to replace PMTerminal.

CyberArk strongly recommends that you migrate your plugins and platforms from PMTerminal to TPC.

When you migrate a plugin, you need to migrate both the plugin and the platforms that use the plugin. During the migration, the plugin is modified to run over TPC instead of PMTerminal, and the platform's configuration is modified to use the TPC EXE file instead of the PMTerminal EXE file.

TPC supports all functionality that exists in PMTerminal, with a few exceptions. There are also cases where TPC implements features differently from PMTerminal in a plugin. For more information about these differences, see Migrate plugins from PMTerminal to TPC.

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