Phase 3 – Launch and execution

Step 1: Project kick-off

Once the team, scope, project goals, product breakdown structure, use cases, high level schedule, and budget are prepared, a kick-off meeting should be scheduled to ensure all the stakeholders are informed and prepared to engage. This will set the expectations for all parties involved and define accountabilities for driving progress.

Step 2: Architecture design

The CyberArk Digital Vault will house the organization’s most sensitive credentials which provide access to the most sensitive data and business critical systems. Privilege Cloud is the broker between your privileged users and your highly sensitive systems, and it will enable users to securely carry out extremely important tasks. As such, the security of Privilege Cloud and the stability of the platform are paramount.

Step 3: Solution design

Step 4: Solution implementation

CyberArk Security Services will provide organizations with a pre-requisites checklist so that they can be prepared for your deployment. With the guidance of certified CyberArk experts/SMEs, the Technical Leads will be ready to proceed with the installation, configuration.