Control access using secure zones

This topic describes the secure zones mechanism that controls user and machine access to the ISPSS environment based on IP address.

When applying secure zones, only users and machines from specific IP addresses are allowed to sign in to the ISPSS user portal and connect to target resources. When a user signs in, the application checks the user’s source IP against the allowed list and blocks access from potentially malicious sources.

Configure secure zones

  1. Access the Identity Administration user portal, and Configure the required IP address as instructed in Define secure zones.

  2. Configure all IP addresses according to the following categories:

    To ensure full system functionality, enter all IP address categories in the following table.

    Required IP addresses for secure zones


    IP address definition

    IP allowlist

    All IP addresses that are authorized to access the ISPSS user portal, for example, your organization's IP range(s). See Configure an IP allowlist for the list of IP addresses added to the allowlist.

    Privilege Cloud on-premises components

    For the following on-premises components, add the internet-facing outbound IP addresses, such as the network gateway or proxy:

    • PSM when used for native access

    • PSM for SSH

    • SecureTunnel