Connect from remote using Remote Access

This topic describes how to connect to the organizations' internal assets securely, as a vendor (non-employee), from remote.


This topic is relevant for vendors who require access to the organization's internal assets. Employees can connect remotely, as described in Connect remotely to target machines.


Privilege Cloud enables you to connect securely to target machines within the organization's network. If you are a vendor, you can authenticate to Privilege Cloud using CyberArk Remote Access through the CyberArk Mobile app.

CyberArk Mobile is an app that uses the biometric capabilities in smart phones to authenticate without the need for a VPN, agents, or passwords. To learn about Remote Access and how it works, see Introduction to CyberArk Remote Access and CyberArk Remote Access main concepts.

Register to Remote Access

To begin using Remote Access, follow the instructions in Set up and register to CyberArk Remote Access.

Access Privilege Cloud using CyberArk Mobile

To access Privilege Cloud using CyberArk Mobile, follow the instructions in Sign in with the CyberArk Remote Access App.