Secure Tunnel logs

The Secure Tunnel runs the following logs:

Log file



A single ongoing log that records installation and configuration issues.


An ongoing log that records issues relating to:

  • Service startup and shutdown

  • Backend connectivity heartbeat monitorSecure Tunnel logs

  • Configuration refreshes

When the file reaches 10MG, it is automatically zipped and saved in the logs folder.

By default, the zipped logs are saved for seven days in the logs folder.

You can change the size of the file and the number of days to save zipped logs. See Change the log setting .

Log location

You can find the Secure Tunnel logs in the following location:

C:\Program Files\CyberArk\PrivilegeCloudSecureTunnel\logs\secure_tunnel_config_tool.log

Change the log setting

The default log settings are set for max size of 10MG and 7 day storage. Optionally, change these settings according to your system needs.

  1. Open the following file:

    C:\Program Files\CyberArk\PrivilegeCloudSecureTunnel\config\

  2. Add the following properties at the end of the file:

    • logging.file.max-size= <num of bytes>

    • logging.file.max-history=<num of days>

  3. Restart the Secure Tunnel service.