About Connector Management

Connector Management is a SaaS-based service that is used by IT administrators for managing CyberArk components and communication tunnels.

Connector Management enables you to:

  • Deploy connectors on your organizational environment server to enable network connectivity for SaaS tasks and services

  • To use Connector Management on multiple platforms. It is platform-agnostic.

  • Deploy the CyberArk management agent on dedicated servers for monitoring installed components

  • Deploy components remotely

  • Deploy in any cloud environment or on-premises

  • Upgrade the Management Agent and certain Privilege Cloud components

  • View specific component information that is unique and relevant for its domain

Connector Management supports upgrade of certain service components only.

Connector management agent capabilities

Use the Connector Management agent to:

  • Discover existing components on the server

  • Verify component status and resource consumption (such as, CPU and memory)

  • Collect and aggregating logs from on premise components for troubleshooting purposes

  • View and analyze common resource metrics (such as CPU and memory)

    Connector management and monitoring abilities

    The Connector Management service enables you to perform the following connector management and monitoring actions:

    • Add a new connector

    • For Privilege Cloud, install multiple connectors in the same environment one by one, and not concurrently.

    • Check connector status

    • Collect logs (for troubleshooting)

    • Upgrade components

    • Deploy components on existing connectors

    • Remove connectors

    • Run a connector on a machine that is configured to connect to the internet through a proxy.

      In case of proxy-enabled Management Agents, all outbound traffic with the CyberArk backend is routed through the proxy. For all internal customer network communications, the Management Agent bypasses the proxy.

How it works

To establish a secure connection to your environment, you need to run an installation script on a Windows instance that is used for hosting the connector in your company environment. The installation script deploys the CyberArk Management Agent that is then used to manage components. The Management Agent manages installations, transfers secured messages, invokes jobs, and reports telemetry from on-prem.

The connector installation script includes the Management Agent setup files, certificate, and ID file.

The connector installation script contains a secret token for authentication, which expires after five minutes, for security reasons. If the security token expires, you can reload the script, which contains a new security token.

Connector Management architecture

The following diagram presents a view of the Connector Management architecture.