Configure connection to non-defined *NIX machines

This topic explains how to setup your system to enable users to access multiple *NIX machines from the Privilege Cloud Portal by configuring the PSM parameter PSMRemoteMachine for *NIX platform, and using the machine ID (address/URL) at the time of connecting. At the time of initiating a connection, the Connect window requests a machine address, and allows users to link to any *NIX machine in the system. See Connect to unmanaged or non-defined machines (Ad Hoc Connections).

This option is available when the following occur:

  • The machine address is within the domain

  • The PSMRemoteMachine parameter is added to the required Unix platform and is defined to represent any target machine

Configuring connections based on machine ID

  1. In the Privilege Cloud Portal, go to Administration>Platform Management

  2. Copy the PSMRemoteMacine parameter from the Windows Domain account:

    1. In the Platform list, expand Windows and in the Windows Domain Account row, click More actions ... >Edit

    2. Expand UI & Workflows, and then Connection Components.

    3. Expand PSM-RDP>Override User Parameters

    4. In the PSMRemoteMachine settings, copy the string from the Type field and save it in a text editor file.

    5. Right-click PSMRemoteMachine and select Copy.

  3. Paste the copied parameter into the Unix via SSH platform:

    1. Return to the Platform list, expand *NIX and in the Unix via SSH row, click More actions ... >Edit

    2. Expand UI & Workflows> Connection Components and select the required component, such as PSM-SSH,

    3. Right-click PSM-SSH, and select Add Override Component Parameters. Parameters in this section override corresponding user parameters that were defined at system level.

    4. Right-click Override User Parameters and select Add Parameter. A new parameter is added with empty settings, based on the copied PSMRemoteMachine parameter.

  4. Enter the the parameter settings as follows: 
    • Name - PSMRemoteMachine

    • Visible - Yes

    • Type - Copy from the text editor file you created in the previous step, or click and add the following string: 

      CyberArk.PasswordVault.Web.TransparentConnection.RemoteMachineUserParameter, CyberArk.PasswordVault.Web
    • Required - Yes

    • Value - Leave blank. Leaving this field blank defines a blank entry address field to appear when you next attempt to connect to a *UNIX target machine.

    • EnforceInDualControlRequest - No

  5. Click OK to save your changes.

  6. Restart the PSM.