Configure PSM for SSH syntax delimiter

This topic describes how to change the default delimiters used in the command for connecting to target machines using PSM for SSH.


When end users connect to target machines via PSM for SSH (directly, and not through the Privilege Cloud Portal), they use the following command:

<ssh client>  >@<TargetUser>[#<DomainAddress>]@<TargetAddress>#<TargetPort>@<ProxyAddress>

The command includes the following default delimiters:

  • @ for separating required parameters

  • # for separating optional parameters

There may be cases in which you will need to change the default delimiters. See Replace delimiters below.

When should you change the delimiter?

When using a delimiter other than ‘@’ to separate the required parameters, the delimiter before the ‘proxyaddress’ parameter must remain ‘@’ and cannot be replaced.

Examples of situations when you should change the default delimiter include:

Replace delimiters

You can replace the default delimiters to separate parameters in the PSM for SSH connection command by editing the components.conf file. Each delimiter is managed with a different parameter.

You cannot use the same delimiter for both required and optional parameters.

To replace a delimiter:

  1. Open the following file for editing:


  2. Add the following parameter to the file, depending on the delimiter you want to replace:





    Example: AdditionalDelimiter=%



    Example: TargetAddressPortDelimiter=%

  3. Save the changes you made to the file.