Set the Installeruser password

This topic describes the purpose of the installeruser and how to set its password.

Do not use the Generate Password functionality to set the installeruser password.


The installeruser is a built-in user in Identity Administration. It is used for installing on-prem connectors, such as the Identity Connector, the Privilege Cloud Connector, the Secure Tunnel, and the PSM for SSH.

When you use the installeruser for installing on-prem components, you must enter the full login name: installeruser@<suffix>.

The first time that you use the installeruser, you need to set its password. For security reasons, the installeruser's password expires after 24 hours. Therefore, whenever you use this user, you need to reset the password.

To set the installeruser password:

  1. In Identity Administration, in the left pane, under Core Services, click Users.

  2. On the Users page, click the All Users or All Service Users set, and then, from the list, select installeruser.

  3. On the installeruser details page, click ActionsSet Password.

  4. In the Set User Password dialog box, enter a new password and click Save. Your password should include alphanumeric characters only, and should not include special characters.