Deploy PSM Connectors

This topic describes how to import the PSM connector that you downloaded from CyberArk Marketplace or custom connectors that you created yourself into your PAM - Self-Hosted environment.


The PSM Universal Connector enables you to automate the launch and authentication process of your application clients and opens an active session. Additionally, you can develop a custom universal connector to automate a specific privileged task, such as a service restart. The automation processes are written in AutoIt scripting language. You can develop these connectors yourself, as described in Custom Universal Connectors, or with the assistance of CyberArk Professional Services.

PSM universal connectors have the same functionality as the built-in PSM connectors.


Custom connectors require periodic maintenance to ensure their performance. Plan and perform regression testing on custom connectors after applying version updates.

Import PSM connectors

You can import PSM connectors from the PVWA from the Platform Management module and associate them with specific platforms.

To deploy connectors on multiple PSM servers, see Deploy Universal Connectors on multiple PSM servers.


Before you import a connector, verify that it does not contain malicious code and does not expose or store sensitive data on the PSM.

  1. Download a connector from CyberArk Marketplace, from the PSM Session Management area or develop your own custom connector , as described in Custom Universal Connectors.
  2. In the PVWA, click the Administration button, and then click Platform Management.
  3. Select the platform to which you want to add connectors, click the ellipsis button next to that platform, and then click Manage Connectors.

  4. If this platform is not associated with a PSM server, you are prompted to select a PSM server.

    On the Manage Connectors window, select the PSM server through which the connectors will be managed, and then click Next.

  5. On the Manage Connectors window, upload a connector package from your computer (drag & drop or browse).

  6. If you imported a custom connector, configure it, as described in Configure a Custom Universal Connector.