LDAP Integration

The LDAP integration parameters specify information required by the CyberArk Vault to recognize external directories and create User accounts and Groups. A different set of directory configurations define each external directory that the Vault will work with.

After each LDAP directory has been configured in the PVWA, these parameters are stored in the LDAPConf.xml in the VaultInternal Safe. Do not modify the parameters directly in these files.




These parameters define host servers for External Directories.

Description The name of the server machine where the external directory is installed.


If an SSL connection is used to connect to the External Directory, this parameter must be a DNS name

Acceptable Values IP address or DNS name
Default Value -
Description The port number through which the external directory can be accessed.
Acceptable Values Port
Default Value 389
Description Whether or not to connect to the external directory with SSL.
Acceptable Values Yes/No
Default Value No