User Parameters

This topic describes parameters that determine the information that users will be required to supply while initiating the PSM connection. These parameters can be overridden at the platform level.




Whether users can redirect their local hard drives to the remote server.

  • Not supported on remote devices that run on Windows 2000.
  • Not supported on connection components that are based on command line activity to trigger a client application that is installed on a PSM machine. Drive redirect is supported, but mapping the drives to local drives is not supported. The redirected drives appear as "<Client drive> on <Client PC name>".
  • When the user connects directly from their desktop using an RDP client application, override is ignored for configurations of drives, printers and clipboard redirection at platform level.


Whether users can select which connection method, HTML5-based or RDP-file, to use when connecting to the remote server. This is useful for allowing users to connect externally

using HTML5 and internally using RDP-file.

  • This option is only available in the Version 10 interface.
  • To add this parameter, we recommend copying the AllowMappingLocalDrives parameter and changing the Name and DisplayName fields. The Type (CyberArk.TransparentConnection.BooleanUserParameter, CyberArk.PasswordVault.TransparentConnection) is the same for both parameters.