Automatic account management

This topic describes how to configure automatic account management.

You can configure accounts for automatic management by specifying parameters either in the platform or as an account property. These parameters are set by authorized users in the ADMINISTRATION page of the PVWA. For more information about configuring platforms, see Manage platforms in the modern interface.

Change passwords

The Password Change parameters determine how frequently passwords are changed and how the changes are initiated.

Verify passwords

The password verification processes determine how frequently passwords are verified and how the verification is initiated. These processes are configured in the Password Verification parameters..

Reconcile passwords

The CPM reconciles passwords according to the following Password Reconciliation parameters:

The password reconciliation processes determine how frequently passwords are reconciled and how the reconciliation is initiated. These processes are configured in the Password Reconciliation parameters..

Limit platforms to specific Safes

You can restrict platforms to specific Safes, using the AllowedSafes parameter in the General section of the platform.

This feature is especially relevant if you implement the reconciliation functionality to prevent automatic reconciliation being performed on every Safe and giving unauthorized users access to passwords.

In large-scale environments, it is very important to enable the CPM to focus its search operations on specific Safes, instead of scanning all Safes it is allowed to see in the Vault.

Associate logon accounts

The CPM associates logon accounts to enable users to log on to remote machines where they can perform identity management tasks. You can configure Logon accounts either at the platform level or the account level.




All accounts attached to a specific platform will use the logon account specified in the platform.


A logon account can be initiated manually in the Account Details page. For more information,see Create linked accounts.