View accounts

This topic describes how to view accounts in the modern interface.

The Accounts page displays your accounts in a set of views that you can display, sort, and access quickly and easily. These multiple views enable you to display accounts according to predefined criteria, based on account and operation status.


You can also define customized views according to your own requirements and save them, so that you can display search results in one quick step. You can perform a variety of management tasks in each list of accounts, depending on your own permissions for accessing these accounts.

These different views, available at your fingertips, and the ability to manipulate entire lists, combined with the multiple actions that you can initiate on the same page increase usability and streamline account management, making it intuitive and efficient.

Account views

The selected view determines the accounts that are displayed in the Accounts List. You can display the following types of views:

Type of view


Views by account list

Lists accounts according to usage

Views by status

Lists accounts according to management status.

Views by operational state

Lists accounts according to operative status.

You can show the credentials, copy them, and edit the account properties in any of the lists.

Views by account list

Views by status

Views by operational state

Users who are members of the PVWAMonitor group can display different operational views, which includes lists of accounts and service accounts at different stages of operations and with various statuses. In addition, you can initiate mass operations.

View account status

A variety of drop-down lists and buttons enable you to perform multiple actions on the displayed accounts, according to your permissions in the Vault.

The accounts list toolbar displays the actions that can be performed on the accounts displayed in each list. The drop-down lists and buttons differ according to the list that is displayed as well as according to your permissions in the Vault, so you can only view the actions that you are authorized to perform on the displayed accounts.

Accounts and Service Accounts grid

The accounts lists are displayed in a grid that you can organize according to your requirements and personal preferences.