Usage examples

The following table includes usage examples for common use cases.



Account Onboarding Utility

This script supports onboarding multiple accounts from a CSV file, which includes: 

  • Creating new accounts
  • Updating existing accounts
  • Deleting accounts

Get Accounts

This script allows easy reporting or enumerating of accounts.

Initiate Just-in-Time Access (Get Access)

This script can connect a non-privileged user to a remote Windows machine with a JIT method using PAM - Self-Hosted API for Get Access and using a monitored PSM session.

Session Management

This script is used to list or terminate all active sessions on a specific PSM server.

It is helpful when admins verify if a specific PSM server is available for maintenance by listing all active sessions and terminate them if needed.

Safe Management

This script supports three modes: list, add, and manage members.

Export and Import Platforms

These sample scripts demonstrate how to export and import a platform.

Get Platform Details

This script allows the user to get more details on a specific platform.

Automatic Onboarding Rules Management

This script supports get, add, and delete of automatic onboarding rules.

For a 1st gen example, see Automatic Onboarding Rules Management.


Generate Discovered Accounts report

This script demonstrates how to use the Get discovered accounts REST API to generate a CSV report of all discovered accounts.

It also enables you to filter the generated report according to properties such as Type, Privileged, and Enabled, as well as searching using keywords.

Generate Platforms and PSM Connectors report

This script demonstrates how to use the Get target platforms to generate a CSV report of all active platforms including their PSM Connectors.

It also enables you to run with an expanded report mode that exports the platform-specific Master Policy settings and indicates if there are exceptions for them.

For additional examples, see