Safes and Safe members

This topic describes Safes and Safe members, and how authorizations affect access to a Safe or the actions that can be performed to Safes, Safe members, and accounts.

Safes Overview

Safes enable you to store and organize authorized user accounts according to your organization's requirements. For example, you can create a Safe for each department such as Finance or HR, and store the accounts for that department in the relevant Safe. Or you can create Safes for accounts based on operating systems such as Windows or Unix.

Organizing accounts in different Safes enables you to limit access to accounts. For example, only the administrator of Windows accounts would have access to the Windows accounts Safe, and only the administrator of the Unix accounts would have access to the Unix accounts Safe.

Users who have the relevant permissions can add Safes in the PVWA and modify their properties, as well as manage Safe members and their permissions.

The entire account management process benefits from all the security and tracking features of the Vault.

Safe members overview

Authorized users with the relevant permissions have access to Safes and accounts. Each user is a member of a Safe and is assigned a specific set of permissions. Permissions give you the flexibility to grant different permissions to different users. For example, some users can only view an account, while others can modify an account's properties or perform tasks on accounts and files in a Safe.

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