Add a Safe member

This topic describes Safe member permissions, and how to add a member (user or group) to a Safe.

Add Safe member authorizations

To add a Safe member, users must have the following authorization in the Vault:



Manage Safe Members

This authorization is given at the Safe level, as part of the Safe member authorizations.

It enables the user to perform the following actions:

  • Add existing Vault users and groups as Safe members in the PVWA

  • Add users in external LDAP directories as Safe members in the PVWA

  • Specify and update Safe permissions

  • Remove a user from a Safe

Safe member permissions

Safe member permissions are grouped according to functionality. When adding a Safe member, you can assign a group of permissions to a Safe member or choose specific permissions within a group.


When you assign permissions to a new Safe member, you can only assign the specific permissions that your user has.

Safe member permissions are separated into the following groups:

Add a Safe member

  1. In the Safes list, locate the relevant Safe, and on the right side of the row, click Manage members.

  2. In the Members window, click Add Member.

    The Add Safe Member window appears.

    add member 1

    The default authorizations for new Safe Members are selected. These authorizations are configured in the Default Safe Authorizations in the Web Access Options in the System Configuration page. For more information, see Default Safe Authorizations.

  3. Search for a user or group:

    1. In the Search box, enter either part of the name or the whole name of the user or group to add as a Safe member. To search for all users, leave the Search box empty.

    2. In the Search In drop-down box, select the Vault or the external directory where the user or group is located, and then click Search.

    A list of users and groups whose names match the specified keyword appears.

  4. Select the user or group that you want, and then select the authorizations:

    • Click a group's title to expand or collapse a group's permissions

    • Click a check box to either select or remove a specific permission

    • Click a group's title check box to select or remove a group of permissions.

  5. To specify a date when the user's Safe membership should end, select the Membership expires on date check box, and enter a date.

  6. Click Add.

    The user or group is added to the Safe.

  7. Click Close.

    The Safe Details page appears and the new Safe member is added to the Safe members list.

For more information about managing users in external directories, see External user accounts. For more information about configuring search parameters for LDAP users and groups, see LDAP directory search parameters.