Disable Automatic Account Management


You can disable automatic account management and prevent the CPM from changing the password value when you don’t want it changed for any reason, for example, when a device is temporarily unavailable.

Automatic error handling

You can also configure the CPM and control the way the CPM manages accounts when they cannot be changed. In addition to managing retry attempts, these configurations also enable the CPM to identify error types.

The CPM will disable automatic management for specific accounts in the following situations:

If the CPM cannot change the password and has reached the maximum number of retries that is specified in the platform.
If the CPM cannot change the password due to missing or incorrect information. In this situation, the CPM will not succeed in changing the password, regardless of the number of retries. On each platform, different situations cause the CPM to disable automatic account management. These situations are listed with a code number in the platform that is applied to the account.

In both the above situations, the CPM will specify the reason why the password cannot be changed. This reason appears in the Account Details window where the user can view it and intervene to resolve the problem.

Resume automatic management

Automatic management for passwords can be re-enabled manually in the Password Details window. If automatic management was disabled manually because of an administrative reason, it can be restored whenever the CPM is required to manage the password again. However, if the automatic management was disabled due to an error, it is essential to resolve the problem before re-enabling automatic management so that the CPM can manage the password properly.