Introduction to Digital Vault installation

This section provides an overview of the Digital Vault installation process and requirements.


CyberArk Digital Vault is a key component for securing the enterprise and its critical assets. Its availability is critical to the ongoing success of any Privileged Access Management program.

In order to achieve the desired availability requirements, CyberArk Digital Vault offers several solutions:

  • Primary-DR architecture that provides business continuity in case of Vault failure

  • Distributed Vaults architecture that provides service availability across different regions in global organizations

  • Cluster Vault that provides local hardware and application redundancy of the Vaultservers and may be combined with the architectures mentioned above.

Before beginning the process of installing and implementing the Privileged Access Manager - Self-Hosted solution, you should review the various CyberArk architecture solutions in order to select the solution that suits both your business needs and the topology of your organization.

This section provides information and considerations of the different environments and corresponding benefits.

In this section: