Install PSM

Privileged Session Manager (PSM) enables organizations to secure, control and monitor privileged access to network devices by using the Vault technology to manage privileged accounts and record all IT administrator privileged sessions on remote machines.


The PSM automatic installation enables a silent and automatic deployment of the product. This facilitates a fast deployment of the product eliminating human mistakes during installation and configuration.

The automatic installation is divided into several configurable stages: setup, installation, post-installation, hardening and registration. This enables you to install the PSMin stages which can be easily integrated into a DevOps pipeline.

Each step in a stage can be configured to run automatically as part of the automatic installation, or, the step can be configured to be done manually for troubleshooting or user preferences. The recommended steps are enabled by default and you can disable them in the configuration file.

In addition, the installation and registration stages can be done manually using the installation wizard.

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