Digital Vault Security Standard

CyberArk’s products manage organizations’ most sensitive information, including the keys to the IT kingdom. As such, CyberArk is committed to providing enterprise-ready products that are designed to provide the highest levels of security to protect our customers’ most valuable assets.

To help our customers effectively secure their CyberArk solution, CyberArk has introduced the CyberArk Digital Vault Security Standard. By implementing the CyberArk Digital Vault in accordance with the Digital Vault Security Standard, customers will be able to apply the highest levels of protection to this highly sensitive system. It is imperative that customers implement the security standard described in this document in order to maintain the level of security that is built-in to Digital Vault software and used to protect your most sensitive information.

The CyberArk Digital Vault Server security standard

The Digital Vault software is the core of CyberArk’s solutions. It is the secure repository of all sensitive information, and it is responsible for securing this information, managing and controlling all access to this information, and maintaining and providing tamper-proof audit records. As such, the security requirements for the Digital Vault Server, the server on which the Digital Vault software is installed, are very strict.

To help customers effectively secure the Digital Vault Server, CyberArk has introduced the CyberArk Digital Vault Security Standard, which defines a set of security controls and implementation procedures designed to significantly reduce the system’s attack surface. The high level of security required by the Digital Vault Server likely differs from commonly used server configurations.

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