Welcome to CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services

This topic provides an overview of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services (ISPSS), including the available business services and unified administration services.


CyberArk Identity Security Platform Shared Services (ISPSS) helps organizations to solve identity and access management (IAM) security challenges with minimal setup and fast time to value. Focused on privilege, ISPSS helps secure access for any user across any type of application or system, from anywhere, using any device.

With identity as the new perimeter, organizations need solutions that help them solve problems that arise in a wide spectrum of use cases so they can reduce risk for all identities, while maintaining smooth, native end-user access. ISPSS enables organizations to secure root and service accounts, provision ephemeral access to cloud infrastructure, facilitate secure access and authentication for business users, manage secrets for machine identities, implement least privilege on the endpoint, analyze cloud entitlements in multi-cloud environments, and more.

Ease of use

ISPSS provides your organization a single focal point for identity security, and enables end users and administrators to easily move between the available CyberArk applications using the web interface, which offers a service picker with all the shared services in addition to any CyberArk business services available to the user.

Unified administration

ISPSS offers the following shared services:

  • Identity Administration - a powerful user management and authentication service that provides:

    • A unified identity management, authentication, and authorization layer, enabling enterprises to scale the protection of identities with a seamless administrator experience

    • An integrated Identity Agent that can employ robust Zero Trust controls on endpoints with strong identity assurance, via adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), least privilege and session protection

  • Identity Security Intelligence - an AI-powered Identity Security analytics service that unites user behavior and privileged threat analytics so customers can detect and respond to potential security incidents more quickly

  • Audit - a unified audit and monitoring service for all hosted CyberArk business services

  • Connector Management - a SaaS-based service that is used by administrators for managing CyberArk components and communication tunnels.