Set up your passkey

This topic describes how to set up your passkey. After you enable this factor, you can use passkey authentication to log in.

You cannot create a passkey and a FIDO2 on-device authenticator locally on the same device. If you want to use your passkey, and have already registered a FIDO2 on-device authenticator, you need to delete your registered FIDO2 on-device authenticator.

FIDO2 security devices, such as YubiKey, are not supported on Firefox browsers.

Your administrator must enable these features before you can use them.
  1. In the User Portal, go to Account > Authentication Factors.

  2. Click Add for Passkey to configure your passkey.

  3. The Passkey screen appears directing you to interact with your authenticator.

    Follow the prompts to complete the passkey set up.

The next time you log in, you will see Passkey as a factor and can use your passkey for authentication.