Identity User Portal overview

This topic provides an overview of the information available to you in the Identity User Portal, as well as references to additional information about multi-factor authentication and enrolling devices.

The User Portal consists of the following tabs.

Tab Description


Shows the web applications assigned to you.

You can also add your own web applications to this page. See Sign in to web apps for the details.


Lists the devices you have enrolled in CyberArk Identity.

When you enroll devices in CyberArk Identity, you can use those devices to access the applications that are on the user portal. In addition, if your organization uses CyberArk Identity for mobile device management, you can manage the device from the user portal. See Enroll mobile devices for the details.

See the following topics to enroll a device:


Displays your user portal activity log.

See Monitor your activity for the details.


Displays your CyberArk Identity account information.

See Set up authentication for the details.