Manage credentials with Workforce Password Management

This section describes how to manage your business application credentials and non-web application credentials with Workforce Password Management (WPM).

WPM Features
Feature Description
CyberArk Identity Browser Extension
  • Add applications to your User Portal with Land and Catch.

  • Generate strong passwords and passphrases.

  • Launch applications without the User Portal.

Identity User Portal - Apps
  • Add applications.

  • Share business application credentials.

Identity User Portal - Secured Items
  • Add and share Secure Notes (for example: membership numbers, encryption keys, app licenses).

  • Add and share passwords (for example, non-web app credentials).

  • Organize apps and Secured Items using folders.

  • Attach files to Secured Items.

Use TOTP for two-factor authentication.

Access applications using a time-based one-time password (TOTP).

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