Postman collection for Workforce Password Management

This topic helps you to test the API related to Workforce Password Management using Postman collection. Postman is an HTTP-testing API application that enables you to monitor requests and responses.

Before you begin

Go to or install Postman from and search for the CyberArk WPM Rest API collection.

Authentication is required to access the APIs related to Workforce Password Management. Your user must be in a role with the Shared Credentials administrative right.

Get started with the Postman collection

You can use the following variables for the collection. You have to add values to these variables to run the collection.

Variable name



The tenant URL of your application

For example, https://<tenantID>


The tenant ID provided by CyberArk


The username of the application


The password of the application


The unique identifier of the item (application or secured item) used to view, update, and remove operations


The unique user identifier for the CyberArk Identity user


The unique identifier for a CyberArk Connector used in on-prem vault communication

The GetE2EEncryptionInfo API provides a connector ID that needs to be passed to subsequent update credentials requests for applications and secured items.


The SHA256 function is used to generate hash for the public key

The public key is returned by the GetE2EEncryptionInfo API for end-to-end encryption. The key must be sent to subsequent update credentials request.


You can generate a symmetric key. This is used for end-to-end encryption for secured items. Symmetric key is encrypted using the asymmetric key before sending a request.


Initialization vector in the symmetric key algorithm for end-to-end encryption in Secured Items


The date from which shared applications and secured items are valid for shared users


The expiration date time for shared applications and secured items

Access the Postman collection

Collection Click to Run

E2E (end-to-end) Encryption

Restricted usernames

Admin Added Applications

User Added Applications

Secured Items

Import Accounts


Additional information

For additional information, right-click the collection and then click View documentation.

To learn more about Workforce Password Management, see Explore the CyberArk Identity end-to-end workflow.