Use a Postman collection for the authentication profile

This topic describes how to test the CyberArk Identity authentication profile APIs using a Postman collection. Postman is an HTTP-testing API application that enables you to monitor requests and responses.

Before you begin

  1. Install Postman from

  2. Get access to a CyberArk Identity tenant

  3. Create a user that has administrative rights.

Import the Postman collection

Get started with the Postman collection

Once the Postman collection is imported, pre-fill the following variables to run the collection based on the functionality you want to try out.

Authentication is required to access the APIs related to authentication profile management. The authenticated user should have administrative rights to access the APIs.

Variable name




The URL of the CyberArk Identity tenant

For example:

This URL will be used for all API requests to CyberArk Identity.


The username of the CyberArk Identity directory user


The password of the CyberArk Identity directory user


The authentication profile name


List of comma-separated MFA challenges


List of comma-separated MFA challenges


The challenge pass through duration in minutes


The number of security questions that need to be asked to the user during login


Specifies the type of single challenge mechanism required