Create a policy set and assign it to users

This procedure shows you how to create a policy set. You can then configure the relevant mobile devices, user security, and application policies as necessary.

To create a policy set and apply it to one or more roles:

  1. Log in to the Identity Administration portal.

  2. Click Core Services > Policies > Add Policy Set.

  3. Define the policy related information:

  4. Enter a name for the policy set.

    You can use uppercase and lowercase characters, spaces, numbers, and most special characters (you cannot, for example, use the forward and backward slash). The Name text box outline turns red if you enter an invalid character.

  5. Enter the Description you want to appear on the Identity Administration portal Policy page.

  6. Configure the Set policy to active option if necessary.

    This option is enabled by default.

  7. Specify the policy assignment:

    • All users and devices

      Applies this policy to all users and devices enrolled on CyberArk Identity.

    • Specified roles

      Click Add to select the roles to which you want this policy applied.

    • Sets (NOT applicable for unenrolled devices)

      Specify the set type (currently only Device type is supported) for enrolled devices and the set parameters (iOS devices, corporate owned devices, etc.). Sets are a collection of devices, users, etc.

      Do not use this option when configuring a policy for device enrollment. Sets only apply to enrolled devices. If you assign this policy to users who do not already have a device enrollment policy (via the All Users and Devices or Specified Roles option), device enrollment will fail.
  8. Click Save.