Identity Administration Release Notes

Release 24.2 (available February 9, 2024) introduces the following changes.

See Identity Administration Release Notes - Previous Versions for changes in previous releases.

This release does not have any changes specific to Identity Administration.

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Secure Web Sessions

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Identity Compliance

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Early access features

Early access features are made available on a case-by-case basis by request. Early access features might see more frequent updates compared to GA features.

Contact your account representative to enable early access features.

The following tables describe features that are currently in an early access state.

Customer Identity

Customer Identity early access features



Initial release version

Monthly Active Users report and alerts

The Monthly Active Users (MAU) report is a built-in report that provides an overview of the MAU quota purchased, and the number of active users per month who have logged in or signed up to Identity Administration or an external app for the selected period.

This report now indicates whether your purchased MAU plans are active or completed, and the number of remaining and consumed MAU reports for each plan. Administrators receive an email notification when the remaining MAUs drop below a configured percentage. The default is 30%.



Authentication early access features



Initial release version

Security Insights

CyberArk Identity Security Insights enables you to increase your tenant's security posture, enhance security best practices and mitigate potential security risks. Each alert includes details about the age, type, severity, number of findings, and the last time they were found. You can gain greater knowledge with the alert's description, findings, history, and steps for remediation.

Alerts include:

  • Admins without configured phishing-resistant factors

  • Policies with a single authentication challenge for the default authentication profile

  • High-risk users accessing applications within the last 30 days

  • Admins without self-service password reset

  • Policies with weak password configuration

See Manage Security Insights for more information.


APIs now support multiple identifiers

CyberArk Cloud Directory users can now sign in to Identity Administration with their email address or phone number.

If an email address or phone number is used in multiple user accounts, sign-in will fail.


Component versions

The following table lists the latest component versions.

Component versions



Identity Administration




System requirements

See System requirements and supported browsers for more information about browser and device support.