End-of-Life policy

This topic describes the end-of-life policy for CyberArk products.


As part of any product lifecycle, products will eventually reach their end of life, mainly due to changes in the marketplace, outdated code and technology, and adoption of new and improved technologies. The purpose of this policy is to assist our customers in making informed purchase, support and upgrade decisions, by outlining the end-of-life periods for CyberArk's products.

CyberArk may update this policy from time to time.


This policy applies to CyberArk's self-hosted products, as well as CyberArk's locally installed software components (including agents and connectors) that are provided with CyberArk's SaaS products.

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CyberArk SaaS agents

SaaS agents

CyberArk self-hosted products

Self-hosted products

Support Services

CyberArk’s support services are provided according to CyberArk’s support terms and are subject to payment of applicable fees.

CyberArk regularly releases new product versions with new features and security fixes. While CyberArk supports its product versions as set forth in this policy, we recommend upgrading to the latest version/patch release when it is available, to benefit from improved security and stability.

Platforms, browsers, and systems that are no longer supported by their respective vendor will not be supported by CyberArk.


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