Documentation changelog

This page describes significant changes to the Credential Providers (CP) documentation.

November, 2023

Central Credential Provider performance

We have added the performance and load testing that was done for the Central Credential Provider. For details, see Central Credential Provider v14.0 benchmark report.

October, 2023

CIS benchmark compatibility

We have added the environment and tests that were done for CIS benchmark compatibility with the Central Credential Provider. For details, see CIS benchmark compatibility for Central Credential Provider.

Migrate Credential Provider Windows from 32-bit to 64-bit

We have described the flow of migrating from Credential Provider Windows 32-bit to Credential Provider Windows 64-bit. For details, see Migrate the 32-bit Credential Provider to the 64-bit Credential Provider

January, 2023

Guidelines for upgrading CPs at enterprise scale

We have added some recommendations and high-level guidelines for upgrading CPs at enterprise scale using a software distribution tool approved by your organization. For more information, see Upgrade multiple CPs using software distribution tool.

Upgrade Central Credential Providers (CCPs) behind load balancer

We have added instructions for upgrading multiple CCPs that are located behind the same load balancer. For details, see Upgrade the Central Credential Provider (CCP).