Upgrade the Credential Provider on Windows

This section describes upgrading the Credential Provider on Windows.

To identify which of your Credential Providers require upgrading, see View Credential Provider versions prior to upgrade.

  • For best performance, we recommend upgrading to the 64-bit Credential Provider.

    Migrating directly from a 32-bit Credential Provider to a 64-bit Credential Provider is not supported. To upgrade, first uninstall the 32-bit Credential Provider and then install the 64-bit Credential Provider. For more details, see Migrate the 32-bit Credential Provider to the 64-bit Credential Provider.

  • When upgrading from version 12.0 or lower, you may need to upgrade your hardware, if it is not operating at its highest level of efficiency or effectiveness, to meet your organization’s CPU SLA thresholds. This is due to changes made in version 12.1, such as security enhancements to Credential Provider caching and Credential Provider-SDK communication, which may increase the CPU consumption and IO operations of servers.

The Credential Provider on Windows can be upgraded in either of the following ways:

Upgrade mode



Use a simple installation wizard to upgrade the Credential Provider for Windows.


Upgrade the Credential Provider on Windows silently.

This requires running the upgrade procedure in Record mode to generate a response file.