Upgrade the Credential Provider on Linux

This topic describes upgrading the Credential Provider on Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu).

To identify which of your Credential Providers require upgrading, see View Credential Provider versions prior to upgrade.

  • The upgrade can be run silently, as it does not require any interactive response from the user.

  • Credential Providers on the following platforms support standalone Vaults and disaster recovery Vaulte only; distributed Vaults are not supported: RHEL 9.x; Oracle Linux 9; CentOS Stream 8, 9

  • This upgrade also supports Credential Providers on Linux in a distributed Vaults environment.

    If you are using distributed Vaults, before upgrading make sure that DISTRIBUTEDVAULTS in Vault.ini is set to Yes and that Address is set to a DNS SRV record.

  • When upgrading from version 12.0 or lower, you may need to upgrade your hardware, if it is not operating at its highest level of efficiency or effectiveness, to meet your organization’s CPU SLA thresholds. This is due to changes made in version 12.1, such as security enhancements to Credential Provider caching and Credential Provider-SDK communication, which may increase the CPU consumption and IO operations of servers.