VMware Tanzu

This topic describes Conjur integration with VMware Tanzu.

Concourse for VMware Tanzu

Concourse for VMware Tanzu is a continuous integration tool that lets you build, scale, and monitor pipelines within VMware Tanzu. Concourse natively supports Conjur as one of the credential managers.

For detailed information please refer to the Concourse documentation.

VMware Tanzu Application Service

To integrate with VMware Tanzu Application Service (TAS), Conjur maintains the CyberArk Conjur Service Broker for VMware Tanzu tile on the Tanzu Network. The service broker provides the interface between TAS applications and an existing Conjur Server.

The integration with TAS provides a unique identity to each application running in a TAS space. These identities are added in security policy as host ids. You can manage secrets, roles, and privileges for the TAS applications the same as you would for other applications.

This implementation uses a lightweight Golang binary based on the Conjur Summon tool to obtain specified secrets from Conjur and inject them into the environment of the running application.

There are two ways to get started: