Configure Developer Environment to Use LDAP Authentication

This section describes how to set the Conjur command-line environment to authenticate using LDAP authentication.


By default, Client CLI and API authentication both use credentials stored in Conjur. After you configure Conjur to use LDAP Authentication, CLI and API users can optionally configure their command line environment to authenticate using LDAP credentials.


To set your command line environment to use LDAP credentials, you need to change the value of the CONJUR_AUTHN_URL environment variable to point to the URL of your authn-ldap service. The URL of the authn-ldap service is:






The FQDN of the Conjur Server or the Leader in a high-availability cluster.


The unique id for the authn-ldap service that you declared in policy. See Step 2: Define an authentication service in policy.

For example:

Use either of the following methods to change the value of CONJUR_AUTHN_URL.