What's new

This document describes new and enhanced features for Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise version 13.2.

For release notes, see the Release Notes for Version 13.2.

CyberArk Vault Synchronizer high availability support

The CyberArk Vault Synchronizer introduces a high availability configuration. You can now install multiple Synchronizer instances in a cluster with one primary Synchronizer instance and one or more standby instances. Customers with existing Vault Synchronizers deployed can switch to the high availability configuration after upgrading both Conjur Enterprise and Synchronizer to this release.

Using this configuration is recommended for production.

For more information, see Active-passive Synchronizer deployment for high availability.

Enhanced Conjur to support Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver

We have enhanced our integration with Kubernetes to support CSI driver. The new Conjur provider allows for secrets stored in Conjur Enterprise to be consumed in Kubernetes with a seamless and secure method, leveraging the Secrets Store CSI driver interface.

For more information, see Conjur Provider for Secrets Store CSI Driver.

Expanding Conjur cluster administration Evoke commands

We have expanded the supported commands for the Conjur Evoke configuration utility, simplifying Conjur cluster administration with auto failover management operations. The new clear command makes it easier to recover a corrupted auto failover cluster. In addition, we have introduced pause and resume commands for the Conjur cluster, supporting organization maintenance periods.

For more information, see Recover a corrupted auto-failover cluster and Prepare an auto-failover cluster for maintenance.

Configurable audit log format

You can now configure the required audit log format. You can enable and disable each log format according to the organization requirements.

For more information, see Configure the audit log format.