System requirements for CyberArk Vault Synchronizer

This topic describes the system requirements for the Vault Synchronizer.

Hardware requirements

The Vault Synchronizer must be installed on a dedicated machine with a unique host name and the following minimum requirements:


4 core


8 GB

Server requirements

  • Install Vault Synchronizer on a clean machine with no other Vault Synchronizer.

  • Install Vault Synchronizer as close as possible to the Privileged Access Manager - Self-Hosted environment or Privilege Cloud deployment, preferably in the same region.

  • When installing more than one Vault Synchronizer, make sure that each Vault Synchronizer machine has a unique host name.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows Server 2019

  • Windows Server 2016

  • For FIPS Compliance: FIPS-enabled Windows Server 2016, 2019

    For details on enabling FIPS on Windows Server, see the Microsoft documentation.

Software requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.8 (Exact version)

  • PowerShell 4.x or PowerShell 5.x

CyberArk component compatibility

The Vault Synchronizer is compatible with the following CyberArk components:


Compatible Versions

PAM - Self-Hosted

All supported PAM - Self-Hosted versions

For details, see the CyberArk PAM Self-Hosted End-of-Life dates.

Privilege Cloud


Conjur Enterprise

All supported versions

For installation details, see CyberArk Secrets Manager End-of-Life dates.

License requirements

The Vault Synchronizer and the LOB users are PAM - Self-Hosted /Privilege Cloud users of type AppProvider, and require appropriate licenses.