Troubleshoot Conjur Enterprise configuration

We recommend using the Conjur Inspect tool to ensure that the deployed infrastructure meets the recommended system requirements.

To troubleshoot issues with Conjur Server (Leader/Standby/Follower) configuration, you can enable debug messages to display in the terminal during the configuration process.

To display debug messages, add a --debug flag to the evoke configure command.

For example:

$ docker exec mycontainer evoke configure master --debug --accept-eula -h --master-altnames ",," -p $password myorg

The --debug flag does the following:

  1. Sets CONJUR_LOG_LEVEL to debug for evoke configure itself, as well as for the Postgres, NGNIX, and Conjur services.

  2. Sets CONJUR_LOG_LEVEL back to the default log level, info, when evoke configure has finished running.

  • debug messages for evoke configure are displayed in the terminal while the command is running.

  • Additional log information for Postgres, NGNIX, and Conjur services is available in the Conjur Server's regular log. See Conjur logs.