What's new

This document describes new and enhanced features for Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise (Conjur Enterprise) version 12.6.


For release notes, see Release Notes.

Support for deploying and running Conjur Enterprise without root in Podman

Conjur Enterprise can now be deployed with Podman as a rootless container.

Rootless containers have the advantage of an additional security layer. So even if the container is compromised, the attacker cannot gain root privileges on the host.

For more information, see Set up Conjur Enterprise (Docker/Podman).

Secrets Provider for Kubernetes- Support for secrets rotation

From this version, the Secrets Provider for Kubernetes supports secrets rotation. Until now, the Secrets Provider ran only as an init container, where the Pod had to restart to get updated secrets values. The Secrets Provider can now run as a sidecar which supports seamlessly pushing updated secret values to the secrets file (Push-to-File) or to Kubernetes Secrets without the need to restart the Pod.

For more information, see App owner: Set up applications in Kubernetes.

Support for Rancher-managed Kubernetes applications

Application containers running in Rancher-managed Kubernetes environments (OpenShift, EKS, AKS, etc.) can now authenticate to Conjur and securely retrieve secrets.

For more information, see Rancher.