What's New

This document describes new and enhanced features for AAM Dynamic Access Provider (DAP).


For release notes, see Release Notes.

Secrets Provider for Kubernetes enhancements

To simplify and better support large deployments, the Secrets Provider for Kubernetes can now run as a separate pod and serve multiple applications. For more information, see Secrets Provider for Kubernetes.

A new Helm chart is offered for easy deployment of the Secrets Provider for Kubernetes pod.

IP restrictions across load balancers (trusted proxies)

DAP now supports IP restrictions for clients connecting through load balancers or other proxies that correctly forward the originating client IP. Such proxies can be configured in DAP as trusted proxies. For more information, see Client IP Address Sourcing.

New REST API endpoint: /WhoAmI

This endpoint returns the caller's effective IP address as seen by DAP. It is particularly useful for validating the trusted proxy configuration. For details, see WhoAmI.

Puppet integration

The Conjur Puppet module has been enhanced and Puppet version 6 is now supported for both Windows and Linux.

  • Puppet 6 introduced Deferred Functions, a feature that was designed specifically to enable fetching secrets by the Puppet agent in runtime. By leveraging this feature, the Conjur Puppet module now enjoys a simplified and more effective flow.

  • The Conjur Puppet module now seamlessly works with multiple Compile Masters, enabling organizations to support high scale Puppet deployments.

Tanzu (Pivotal Cloud Foundry) integration - updated tile

A new Conjur - Tanzu tile is available with fixed bugs as well as support for Tanzu 2.9.


The following enhancements are available at docs.cyberark.com.

SearchUnify custom search engine

The SearchUnify custom search engine included in this release enables you to:

  • Search for content across all products
  • Filter search results by product and category
  • Perform advanced searches

Like Google, SearchUnify provides:

  • ‘Did you mean’ functionality
  • Auto suggestions