What is Conjur Cloud?

Conjur Cloud is a SaaS-based cloud-agnostic solution for secrets management. It allows organizations to secure non-human access to secrets and eliminate the secret zero problem.

Conjur Cloud extends the already robust secrets management portfolio of CyberArk's Conjur Secrets Manager Enterprise and Credential Providers, making management of non-human access and workload identities even easier for enterprise organizations.

Service on CyberArk ISPSS

Conjur Cloud is a service on CyberArk’s ISPSS, allowing it to benefit from the platform's shared services such as central audit and user management, MFA capabilities, SSO across the entire platform, and so on.

Conjur Cloud Edge - Local access to secrets

Conjur Cloud Edge (Edge) is a component of Conjur Cloud that is deployed close to the workload and replicates secrets from Conjur Cloud. Its closeness to the workload enables the workload to securely consume Conjur Cloud secrets locally with low latency, even when offline.

For more information, see Conjur Cloud Edge: Local access to secrets.

Integration with Privilege Cloud

Conjur Cloud integrates with Privilege Cloud to expand the Privileged Access Management solution to the secrets management space of modern and dynamic environments.

For more information, see Secrets in Conjur Cloud.