Conjur Cloud Edge support and best practices

This topic describes what Conjur Cloud Edge (Edge) supports and best practices for using Edge.

Edge support

Currently, Edge provides the following support:

  • Edge can handle up to 150 requests per second

  • Edge supports local API key and JWT authentication for workloads and secret retrieval; all other actions are forwarded to Conjur Cloud

Best practices

This section describes best practices for working with Conjur Cloud Edge.

  • Firewall traffic


    Edge should not be reachable from the external network. Restrict the incoming traffic to the permitted subnet.


    To allow communication between Edge and Conjur Cloud, allow outgoing traffic to Conjur Cloud

    Edge communicates with Conjur Cloud using port 443. Reserve and open this port as follows:

    • FQDN - https://<subdomain>

    • Port/Protocol - 443/HTTPS/TCP (for REST/API calls)