Conjur Cloud Edge: Local access to secrets

Conjur Cloud Edge (Edge) is a component of Conjur Cloud that is deployed close to the workload and replicates secrets from Conjur Cloud. Its closeness to the workload enables the workload to securely consume Conjur Cloud secrets locally with low latency, even when offline.

Key benefits

Edge provides the following benefits:

Secure read-only access to secrets

Edge provides secure, read-only access to secrets in Conjur Cloud, without the need to open firewalls between domain controllers and the external server. This saves a lot of time with internal clients and enables faster adoption of Conjur Cloud.

High availability

Edge provides read-only availability in case of network connectivity issues with the external servers or supported AWS regions.

Low latency and scalability

Edge is deployed close to your workloads, enabling lower latency and supporting more request per second.

Replication flow

Edge syncs secrets from Conjur Cloud periodically and stores them locally.