Download the CyberArk Mobile app

This topic describes how to set up and join the CyberArk Mobile app, so that you can access your organization's applications using Secure Web Sessions.


Download the CyberArk Mobile app to your mobile device, then open it.

CyberArk Mobile on the iOS AppStore

CyberArk Mobile on the Google Playstore

You can authenticate to SWS applications using either Face ID or Touch ID, depending on your phone settings.

User registration

The first time you use the CyberArk Mobile app, you have to register using your biometric data. Subsequently, you can access your organization's SWS applications quickly and securely, using a QR code and biometric data instead of providing your user name and password.

  1. On your mobile device, open the CyberArk Mobile app. The Register page opens, and you can begin your registration.

  2. The CyberArk Mobile app now prompts you for biometric authentication. This is either Face ID or Touch ID, depending on your mobile phone settings. The CyberArk Mobile app prompts you for this authentication each time you open the app.

  3. Select the data center where Secure Web Sessions will create your user.

  4. Enter your phone number, including a + sign and the country code.

  5. Press SEND CODE, then enter that code and verify it.

  6. Enter your first and last name, then press NEXT.

  7. Add your photo. Either take a new photo or use an existing one on your phone.

    To take a new photo, press the photo circle, then press Take Photo. After you have taken a photo of your face, press Use Photo.

    To select an existing photo, press the photo circle, then press Choose Photo. Select a photo of your face from the gallery, then press Use Photo.

    Check that the photo is clear, then press NEXT,


    Skip this step.

  8. Set the PIN code that the CyberArk Mobile app uses to restore your settings, when relevant. Confirm your PIN code, then press FINISH to register your user.

  9. Press SCAN QR CODE and scan the code on your workstation screen to connect to your organization's environment through Secure Web Sessions.

Change your data center

CyberArk Mobile app services uses multiple data centers in different countries to give you the quickest and most transparent access to secure applications. Secure Web Sessions runs on AWS data centers in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia, and possible additional locations in the future.

You can switch from one data center to another, depending on the tenant you want to access. Use the same unique phone number and PIN code to access different data centers.


Any changes you make to your user profile in one data center are unique to that data center, and are not copied to other data centers when you switch back.

  1. In the CyberArk Mobile app, click the hamburger on the first page to view your profile.

  2. Under Settings, press Select data center to display the list of data centers.

  3. Select the data center to access and check that the Server URL of that data center is correct, then press Apply.

  4. You can switch between data centers using the CyberArk Mobile PIN code you used during registration. In the informative message, press Continue.

  5. In the Restore account page, specify your CyberArk Mobile PIN code, and press Restore to add your user in the selected data center.


    If you do not know your PIN code and decide to create a new account, your CyberArk Mobile user will be permanently deleted from the selected data center and cannot be recovered.

    Your user, profile, and all account details will be deleted from all tenants in this data center.